“My husband walked into the room, while I was shooting a video for a client..”. Pornstar opens up about her personal life.

how did you get into the business?

I always liked to do nude photos. In 2018 I started to do semi nude photos. Then i found out I can monetise it. 

what do your friends and family think of your chosen career?

They are actually supportive and they don’t really judge me. That’s my life and they love the person I am, not my job choice.

has working in adult entertainment made you more aware of your sexual life?

I’ve found myself more opened, after I’ve started doing it. That was my BEST decision ever.

do you have a boyfriend?

Yes. I’m in a happy marriage, but we’re quite open as a couple 🙂

how does your boyfriend feel about your career?

He is the one who helped, supported me, motivated and always been the person, who accepted all my ideas. Even the weirdest ones.

I’m in happy marriage.

which pornstar would you want to sleep with?

Riley Reid deffo hah

is it all acting, or do you get any sexual pleasure out of this?

what? This is weird question. If person doesn’t enjoy doing it — people won’t believe and people won’t enjoy. So it’s always PLEASURE. You have to set up your mind properly. Never do things that don’t make you happy.

what do you say to people who say porn is demeaning to women?

I usually tell them to mind their own business.

would you suggest young girls in need of money to get into porn?

If they feel like they would love doing it. You don’t go into porn to make money. You either enjoy it, either you don’t do it.

what else would you be doing if not this?

Actually, I already have plans and goals. I’m currently studying to become a physical therapist.

what’s the most awkward moment you’ve ever had while performing?

My husband and his friends walked into the room while I was shooting a new video.

I tried to continue performing, but I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. Husbands friends were kinda shocked too. But after the initial shock, we all had a good laugh about it.

what are the biggest misconceptions you think people have of people who make porn?

Porn work is easy work. It’s actually not. Quite hard to keep people interested and engaged. Trust me. You always have to improve as artist and as psychologist.

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