My girlfriend lives life as a kitty cat and I’m her master

This person has an unusual instance of feline scratch fever.

Robrecht “Ransack” Berg, 52, a plane architect from Colorado, is head over little cat heels for a lady who “distinguishes” as a cat.

“You’re as a rule so timid,” he says with a laugh as his genuine feline lady, Kat Lyons, laps up a bowl of milk while roosted on their kitchen table. “Gracious, she looks great on the table — that is genuine charming.”

Oneself announced “science fiction nerd” met Lyons, 31, at Comic Con eight months prior. He before long found she works at Cat Girl Manor — a club in Colorado Springs, Colo., that has “pet play” for BDSM functions.

Rather than gripping his fanciful pearls — Rob got a rope “to be exploratory and attempt new things.”

“This is equivalent to cosplayers — individuals do what they like to do,” he says in a short film created by Barcroft Studios, conceding that the BDSM component was something new for him.

“I’ve had nothing such a great amount on the little cat side of sprucing up,” Rob adds as he lines an “Old Jon Snow” ensemble on his sewing machine.

Kat, notwithstanding, says she’s been into pussycat pretend her whole grown-up life.

“I have consistently been unique,” she murmurs. “I just consistently had an interest with felines. Individuals resemble, ‘You’re not generally a feline.’ I have an inclination that I am, however. I am a feline.”

This murmur fect couple says they face a lot of cultural judgment — for getting it on like felines, yet for their age hole — yet are focused on cultivating a caring relationship.

“I get the negative stuff,” Kat says. “It’s simply not acknowledged [by] many individuals.”

In any case, she said that communicating her actual character has carried her closer to Rob — and has empowered her to bloom into her actual self.

“The battle of being a feline young lady is keeping your ears up, impeccably,” Kat says while scrutinizing her assortment of cat ears, tails and rope and restraints. “This isn’t simply spruce up for me. It’s an ordinary thing for me.”

She guarantees she understood she was a feline as a harassed teenager in secondary school — however chose to grasp her kitty character when she found Cat Girl Manor and met other people who distinguished as felines. (The club’s Facebook bunch has more than 28,000 “network” individuals.)

“I grew up and needed to profess to be ordinary, ya know,” Kat says. “Yet, presently I will act naturally. I am a little cat. On the off chance that I wanna get on something, I can. In the event that I wanna drink out of a little bowl, I can.”

Kat destroys as she says Rob’s acknowledgment of her elective way of life is some of the time “overpowering.” However, her human concedes he’s not absolutely alright with the “ace side” of playing a “more prevailing job.”

Indeed, in contrast to most felines, Kat appreciates taking on a “generally” accommodating job — and it’s not just about unusual kitty sex.

“At the point when I previously got into pet play, I just felt a feeling of home,” she says. “It was simply me. I’ve generally felt like I was a feline. At the point when I’m in my cat mode, I’m glad.”

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