My ex called me an ‘ugly bitch’ and said it was ‘embarrassing’ to go out with me because of my nose – so I got fillers

A WOMAN has uncovered how she went to fillers in the wake of being pitilessly provoked by an oppressive ex.

Ashleigh Fraser was bullied by peers at school about her nose

Ashleigh Fraser, 21, from Rossendale, Lancashire had consistently felt unreliable about the state of her nose and was tortured by menaces in school.

Just as getting mean remarks from outsiders, Ashleigh was unfeelingly provoked by her ex who sent a progression of horrendous messages about her nose.

In a progression of writings, her harsh ex stated: “Revolting b***h”, “Implore you figure your nose out” and “it was genuine humiliating to be seen anyplace with you.”

Following quite a while of feeling shaky, Ashleigh chose to have filler in March to diminish the scaffold of her nose.

Ashleigh's abusive ex-boyfriend said he was 'embarrassed' to be seen with her
The non-surgical procedure reduced the bridge of Ashleigh's nose

The non-careful rhinoplasty utilizes hyaluronic corrosive dermal filler to make little changes in accordance with the state of the nose – however it normally just keeps going somewhere in the range of nine and year and a half.

Sharing when photos of her side profile and screengrabs of the harsh writings on Twitter, Ashleigh stated: “How it finished (in March) versus how it’s going.”

Ashleigh shared her ex-boyfriend's abusive texts online

The post has picked up more than 28,200 “likes” – and different ladies began lifting up Ashleigh in help.

“No one has the right to be addressed that way,” one client composed. “I trust you didn’t get it as a result of him however. He’s the genuine shame unmistakably.”

Another additional: “I have a similar instability, tormented at school for it… at that point you leave school and they attempt talk you up in light of the fact that they’ve understood really they are junk and merit nothing.”

“What a ghastly kid,” a third answered. “So sorry he said that to you, yet you look extraordinary whichever way x.”

In spite of the fact that her ex’s brutal savage remarks hurt her, Ashleigh says she currently feels more certain than any time in recent memory.

Ashleigh struggled with anxiety after being taunted about her nose

She stated: “I was extremely shaky about my nose and was tormented all through school, and even after school individuals offered remarks which gave me nervousness.

“I chose to get 1ml nose filler costing £150. It was truly fast and simple.

“From the outset, I was anxious as I do have a serious terrible fear of needles however the ones who did it caused me to feel quiet, she did my lips a couple of months before this.

“I stood by generally 30 minutes for the desensitizing cream and afterward didn’t take long for her to infuse the filler.

“My nose was swollen for around three to four days and was somewhat wounded. I love the end-product! I’m substantially more certain with my side profile and more joyful when in broad daylight.”

Ashleigh says she's much more confident in public as a result
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