Mum Plays Terrifying Pennywise Prank On Son After He Refuses To Make Her A Coffee

A wicked mother chose to trick her child after he would not make her a mix one morning, having spruced up as one of the world’s most alarming ghastliness symbols: Pennywise the jokester.

Mum Hester Greeff asked her 20-year-old child Ruan Becker to make her an espresso while he was eating at home in Johannesburg, South Africa, before he needed to leave for work a week ago (14 April).

However, Ruan, a clinic authorisation agent, dismissed her solicitation – inciting the 41-year-old housewife to incubate an arrangement to settle the score.

Hester collaborated with her beau Jannie Botha, 44, to change herself into IT scalawag Pennywise, utilizing an old extravagant dress outfit and cosmetics.

Hester at that point moved into the receptacle around the rear of their home to lie in sit tight for her child, who had positively no clue about the repulsiveness that anticipated him.

Jannie requested that Ruan take the trash out before he left for work, which this time was an errand he obediently acknowledged.

Be that as it may, as he lifted the top to put the rubbish in the container, Ruan was faced with his biggest dread.

Film shows how the helpless chap shouted, dropped the container sack and ran as quick as possible when he saw the jokester – who, unbeknownst to him, was only his mum.

The entertaining second became famous online via web-based media after the video cut was shared on Facebook, where it’s been seen more than 1.7 multiple times.

While a few people figure they’ll need to give it a go themselves, others have somewhat more compassion toward Ruan, saying they’d ‘weep hysterically’.

Ruan stated: “I was so frightened, I didn’t have a clue what to do. I totally scorn comedians, I have been since the time I watched IT when I was nine years of age.

“I had no clue they had arranged anything so it was a finished stun. I didn’t see it coming as this is totally unusual for my mum.

“We never trick one another yet this began with me not making her some espresso. I could barely handle it.

“The first occasion when I watched IT, I had a bad dream the very night. Whenever I went to a funfair I was pursued by a jokester for a joke and I just began shouting.

“I haven’t arranged anything yet, yet I will get my mum back.”

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