Mum Defends Picture Showing Her Son Seemingly ‘Kiss Her Bare Bum Cheek’

A mum has protected herself against savages via web-based media after an image of her baby seeming to kiss her uncovered bum started shock on the web.

In the snap – which was obviously taken three years prior – the young man can be seen near his mum Cristina Valy’s posterior.

Presently Cristina, from Slatina in Romania, has hit back at savages after one stated: “You can’t be known as a mother subsequent to accomplishing something like this to your child.”

Reacting to analysis on Facebook she stated: “Do you truly think I’d make my young child kiss my bum? Wouldn’t you be able to see that I’m grinning in the photograph?

“I was snickering on the grounds that my child pulled down my pants at that point and inclined right up front.”

Children are unconventional little creatures, right?

Cristina said the youngster’s auntie Stancu Madalina snapped the second with her telephone, adding: “She snapped the picture without me knowing, so get some information about remarks on how and why this occurred on the off chance that you truly think I am sufficiently idiotic to get my child to kiss my base.”

She likewise clarified the photograph was taken three years back and she has no clue about why it has surfaced online at this point.

She stated: “On the off chance that I thought I was liable, I would eliminate my online media accounts, yet I haven’t done that as I love my youngster and every one of these allegations have nothing to do with the real world.”

Nearby media said specialists were alarmed about the occurrence, in spite of the fact that it is muddled whether it is under scrutiny.

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