Mother-daughter duo gets bikini wax together

“sMothered,” TLC’s hit unscripted TV drama co-created by The Post, follows a few mother-girl pairs with strongly close bonds.

One sets is Chicago-based mother Kathy, 61, and little girl Cristina, 35, who allude to one another as their genuine “spouses,” a lot to the consternation of Cristina’s real husband, Carlo.

The mother and-little girl pair are among the show’s generally brilliant, and could undoubtedly find a way into a show like “Jersey Shore.” They consistently go through all day together, sneak into the affection life of Cristina’s sister together, and in Season 2, they’re in any event, living under a similar rooftop while Cristina and Carlo’s home gets redesigned.

Kathy is helping Cristina plan their new kitchen, despite the fact that Carlo is rankled that he’s not getting any state in it. “I think I have a state in what’s happening at my home!” he raged in a week ago’s scene.

In any case, redesigning isn’t everything they do as a pair. In this selective clasp from the eighth scene of Season 2, called “She’s My World,” watch Kathy and Cristina go for a mother-girl two-piece wax.

“We’re simply getting our patches waxed,” Cristina says, adding it will be her mom’s first-since forever wax.

Furthermore, indeed, they mentioned to be in a similar room — a first for the salon.

“sMothered” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

Watch the trailer here:


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