Moment translator couldn’t believe what she was hearing while she was translating Trump

An Italian translator has gone viral on social media, after she was seen in a video looking incredulous at statements made by Donald Trump.

The president of the United States is currently in talks with Italian President, Sergio Mattarella, at the White House, to discuss America’s relationship with Italy. At a press conference, a translator was sitting behind Trump to deliver his statements to the non-English-speaking members of the assembled crowd.

Although the cameras were trained on the Republican leader, when the footage hit social media, a number of social media users couldn’t help but notice that the translator looked utterly bamboozled by some of President Trump’s more outlandish statements and non-sequiturs.

For instance, at one point during the speech, Trump stated: “The United States and Italy are bound together by a shared cultural and political heritage dating back thousands of years to ancient Rome” – despite the fact that the Roman Empire collapsed long before the foundation of the United States and the Declaration of Independence.

At another point during the conference, the translator looked shocked and confused when Trump said: “Syria may have some help with Russia and that’s fine. They’ve got a lot of sand over there. So there’s a lot of sand that they can play with. Let them fight their own wars.”

Trump also told reporters: “Our soldiers are not in harm’s way, as they shouldn’t be, as two countries fight over land that has nothing to do with us. And the Kurds are much safer now. The Kurds know how to fight and as I said, they’re not angels.”

Check out some of the internet’s reactions to the translator below:

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