Mom gives birth to baby she knew would die so she could donate her organs

A selfless mom made the painstaking decision to carry a baby she knew wouldn’t survive all the way to full-term, so that doctors could use her organs in order to save the lives of two other infants, the Daily Mail has reported.

Revealing their story to Caters News Agency, Krysta Davis, 23, and her partner Derek Lovett, 26, of Cleveland, Tennessee, were informed by doctors that the baby Krysta was carrying had the severe birth defect anencephaly, which causes parts of the brain and skull to be missing. She was just 18 weeks into her pregnancy when they were told the news.

Despite doctors giving the couple the option to induce the labor early, Davis decided to selflessly savor her pregnancy – knowing she could miscarry at any time – so that doctors could use her fully developed organs to save the lives of others.

Despite all the odds being against the young family, Krysta gave birth to six-pound Rylei Arcadia on Christmas Eve, 2018. Rylei lived just one week before passing away in her parent’s arms on New Year’s Eve.

However, Rylei’s brief existence meant that two other babies could be saved, after her heart valves were donated. Rylei’s lungs also went to a research foundation.

Krysta, an assistant manager, revealed how her pregnancy was just like most parents’, and that she found strength knowing Rylei would be able to help mothers bring home children they wouldn’t be able to if she was never born.

Knowing she had to treasure the short time they had together, Krysta rejoiced at seeing Rylei move and kick inside her, and remember how she was in love with her baby by the time she was born.

Photographer Clarissa Tilley spent 50 hours with Rylei during her week-long life, capturing the raw emotion of Kryta’s birth, and the last time the nurse checked her heart rate before putting a monitor on her. Clarissa offers this service to parents saying goodbye free of charge.

Amazingly, this wasn’t the couple’s first pregnancy tragedy, as Krysta tragically miscarried in September 2017 as a result of her polycystic ovary syndrome. This couple’s strength truly is inspiring.

There is now a Facebook page called Rylei Arcadia: An Unexpected Journey that is dedicated to the life of Rylei and her continuing journey, as she continues to raise awareness of organ donation.

Krysta documented her pregnancy with the video below (some people may find the footage upsetting):

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