Model Kidnaps And Tortures Rival After She Posts ‘Unflattering’ Photos Of Her Online

A web-based media meat between two models in Colombia transformed into true savagery after one shared unflattering photographs of the other online from her pre-plastic medical procedure days. Unquestionably a major no-no in the model world.

Pic shows: Yeimi Rey. A Colombian model has been arrested for kidnapping and torturing one of her colleagues after a bitter war of words on social media turned violent. The suspect, 21-year-old Yeimi Rey, was detained in the airport of capital city Bogota on her way out of the country to Miami. Yeimi and her sister Claudia both have a warrant out for their arrest since fellow model, Carolina Munoz, reported them for kidnapping and torturing her. According to Munoz, the sisters had attacked her in an act of revenge after she opened false social media accounts and posted unflattering photos of them before plastic surgery procedures. She describes how on the 31st January 2015, they bundled her into a car and: "They bit me, tortured me, they pulled my hair, cut off my clothes, they left me bald, they electrcuted me. "They told me they were going to kill me, that they knew very powerful people and wouldnít be sent to jail, that I was the one who would end up losing and next time they will throw acid on my face and destroy my life." Munoz also reports how the girls robbed her and published naked photos of her afterwards on social media. According to local media, as the sisters escaped their abandoned victim in the street they crashed into another car and police arrived on the scene and arrested them, although they were set free shortly afterwards. Munoz admits to creating the false Twitter accounts to shame the sisters, but claims in her defence that this was also to get back at them for negative comments they had published about her online. After a lengthy legal battle, Yeimi has finally been arrested and will now answer for the allegations made against her. Claudia remains at large with a warrant out for her capture. (ends)

21-year-old Yeimi Rey was kept at an air terminal in Bogota after Carolina Munoz columnist her and her sister to police.

Carolina says the two sisters assaulted her as retribution for making counterfeit online media records and posting pictures of Yeimi from before she had restorative medical procedure all over.

Yeimi 1

Yeimi and her sister hauled Carolina into a vehicle where they chomped her, pulled her hair, removed all her garments, shaved her head and shocked her.

Carolina says:

They disclosed to me they planned to kill me, that they knew exceptionally influential individuals and wouldn’t be shipped off prison, that I was the person who might wind up losing and next time they will toss corrosive all over and demolish my life.

Yeimi 2

The sisters additionally looted her and afterward posted private exposed photographs of her on the web. Discussion about settling the score to say the very least.

The young ladies really smashed their vehicle in the wake of dropping Carolina off in the center of the road, and in spite of the fact that police captured them they set them free soon after. It wasn’t until Yeimi attempted to leave Colombia that she was kept once more, appropriately this time.


Carolina concedes that she made phony Twitter records to savage the sisters, however says she did it since they’d just made ‘negative remarks’ about her on the web.

With everything taken into account, precisely how you’d expect Colombian models to settle their issues. They don’t stay there offering uninvolved forceful remarks via web-based media, not when they can gather together their sisters and go full scale Colombian cartel style.

Yeimi 3
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