Missing husband found on TikTok app in India

An Indian lady has been brought together with her better half, who had been absent for a very long time, after she spotted him on the TikTok application.

Police said that the man had fled in 2016 and from that point forward had been involved with a transsexual lady.

A relative of the spouse had first seen him in a video with the transsexual lady, which set off a police search.

Police said they had “advised” the couple, who are presently back together.

They found the spouse, Suresh, in Hosur – a city in the southern territory of Tamil Nadu, which is 200km (125 miles) away from where his better half lived in Viluppuram region.

“We reached a transsexual association in the area who had the option to assist us with distinguishing the transsexual lady in the photograph,” police disclosed to BBC Tamil.

The spouse had recently documented a missing people case with the police not long after he fled – however they had been not able to discover him at that point.

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