Mia Khalifa’s Breast Implants ‘Saved Her Life’ In Shock Accident

Mia Khalifa went under the blade to get her ‘lopsided’ bosom amended after it ‘flattened’ when she was hit by a hockey puck.

The 26-year-old was viewing a Washington Capitals end of the season game the previous summer when the six-ounce puck came flying towards her and crushed into her chest.

At that point, Mia shared an image on Instagram with the subtitle:

Additionally, I got hit in the boob with a puck during the game, and I’m 80% certain it burst an embed. Yet, the uplifting news is, I got a game utilized puck from a Capitals Stanley cup season finisher game. Justified, despite any trouble.

Addressing the Daily Star about the agonizing accident, the online media character clarified:

I was sitting behind the glass during a game, and it came shooting over the glass and it found me so napping and I had no clue it was coming.

I snatched my chest and I would not like to give up, in light of the fact that I had a feeling that on the off chance that I let go, blood would have been all over.

I had the chance to take it home, it was the single most noteworthy gift any hockey fan can get: a game-utilized puck that comes at you and hits you.

She proceeded to state she’d have a medical procedure to fix the harmed embed, saying:

[The pucks are] truly hefty, it’s unadulterated elastic, they go at around 80 mph. My left bosom is marginally flattened now and I will sort it out one year from now.

Presently ‘one year from now’ is well and really in progress, and yesterday (February 25) Mia took to her Instagram story to show how the puck had harmed her bosom:

Mia Khalifa bosom harmed after hockey puck hit it

In spite of the fact that it ‘flattened’ her bosom simultaneously, it seems like the embed spared Mia’s life as it took the brunt of the hit from the fast puck. The 33-year-old uncovered yesterday was a medical procedure day, and that Dr Jay Calvert had effectively adjusted the issue.

She posted a progression of pictures refreshing devotees on the cycle:

Following the medical procedure, Mia disclosed to her devotees it ‘couldn’t have gone smoother’ and lauded the specialist and his group for their work. She later added how she was in torment as the deadness wore off, yet her sweetheart Robert Sandberg seemed, by all accounts, to be taking acceptable consideration of her.

Ideally her recuperation will go easily and she doesn’t run over any wanderer hockey pucks until the end of time!

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