Mia Khalifa Is Auctioning Off Her Famous Glasses To Raise Money For Beirut

Mia Khalifa is selling her celebrated glasses that she consistently wore in her porno so as to help the Lebanese Red Cross in Beirut, following the repulsiveness blast.

As nations and individuals rally and hurry to the guide of Lebanon following the immense blast on the docks, murdering hundreds and harming thousands, many are finding pretty inventive approaches to fund-raise.

One of those utilizing whatever assets she needs to help is previous grown-up entertainer Mia Khalifa, who has taken to unloading her scandalous dark glasses that she every now and again wore in her now-questionable recordings.

“I’m simply attempting to get inventive, there’s in every case more that should be possible and this felt like a saucy method to raise assets and ensure the discussion and consideration doesn’t veer from this emergency.

“Drags are welcome, your cash is similarly as green as our own.

“I’m placing the connection in my profile for a couple of hours at that point transforming it back to the Beirut Relief assets greeting page. After that I’ll house the connections/posts in a stuck memory for prepared admittance.

“Upbeat offering, ya filthy creatures”.

At the hour of composing and with five days left on the sale, the glasses are presently at US $99,900.00 (around twelve English pounds) and perceiving how much cash they’re pulling in, Khalifa chose to twofold down on her selling, by adding some new things to the rundown.

For each extra $25k raised, Khalifa will include her ‘utilized sideburn razor’, ‘the loofa I’ve been significance to change out’ and ‘my retainer’. Strange, innit?

Touch bleeding bizarre that individuals will pay for this sort of thing. She’ll be selling her shower water next with Belle Delphine.

She included “Anything for my nation,” which bodes well, on the grounds that Khalifa is American-Lebanese.

Hey, it’s for a great cause.

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