Mia Khalifa apologizes in TikTok to girl who said she was compared to the p-orn star at age 13

Mia Khalifa apologized after a TikToker addressed the difficulties she looked as a youngster since individuals thought she appeared as though the ex-pornography star. Be that as it may, watchers are setting the fault soundly on men and society.

TikToker @oreo_mlkshake’s video clarifying that, at 13 years of age, she needed to quit wearing her glasses since secondary school young men made her “awkward” with their correlations with Khalifa piled up more than 5 million perspectives since being posted toward the finish of June.

Khalifa’s glasses were her brand name look during her short spell in sexual entertainment, to the degree that they really sold for more than $100,000 in a cause pledge drive in 2020. Her Instagram bio presently peruses: “Would you say you are even an earthy colored young lady with glasses on the off chance that you haven’t been called Mia Khalifa?”

In any case, in spite of appearing to be to some degree loquacious with that joke, the possibility of a youthful youngster being externalized by more established folks who think they see a similarity to Khalifa doesn’t agree with the her.

She shared @oreo_mlkshake’s video to her own page in a two part harmony that saw Khalifa crying over the substance.

“I’m so sorry,” she subtitled the two part harmony. “I don’t wear them anymore for this reason.”


#duet with @oreo_mlkshake I’m so sorry. I don’t wear them anymore for this reason.

♬ c i g a r e t t e d a y d r e a m s – ᴀᴜᴅɪᴏs ☠︎︎

Watchers communicated their compassion toward the two ladies, helping Khalifa that the activities to remember others are not her issue.

“It’s men externalizing kids and ladies [that are] the issue,” composed @notmedicated. “I hurt for the both of you.”

“This makes me extremely upset for you and the young ladies that need to hear this. Be that as it may, I guarantee it’s not your shortcoming, it’s simply ppl,” another client concurred.

Khalifa additionally remarked with a conciliatory sentiment on @oreo_mlkshake’s unique video, to which the TikToker reacted in a similar way as every other person: “No you don’t comprehend. This wasn’t ever your issue. You’re a rousing lady.”

Before Khalifa finding out about her video, @oreo_mlkshake posted a subsequent hitting back at analysts who scorned her for being damaged by the examination.

“The clever thing is, any time I raise the way that I began being contrasted with Mia Khalifa at 13 years of age, and how it caused me awkward and it caused me to feel sexualized, it’s consistently men and young men that attempt to persuade me and attempt to disclose to me that I’m as a rule too emotional, that it was only a joke,” she said. “Each time that I attempt to disclose to them that sexualizing a youngster isn’t OK and it’s harming to that individual and to the individual that is being permitted to do it, how it takes care of into pedophilia in our general public, they couldn’t care less.”

“Yet, these sorts of jokes are archetypes to individuals really making a move,” she proceeded. “Since it began as a joke, however I’ve been followed, I’ve had individuals take pictures of me without my assent, and I’ve had individuals approach me and pester me and request my number, in light of the fact that, as indicated by them, I seem as though their #1 pornography star. Since at 13 years of age, paying attention to how young men say they would deal with her body and afterward have them call me by her name was seriously awkward and seriously unseemly.”

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