Mexican woman killed while filming fake TikTok abduction

A 20-year-old Mexican lady was shot and executed in a deplorable mishap while recording a phony hijacking for TikTok.

Areline Martinez, who had recently posted other fake kidnappings on the web-based media application, was unintentionally shot in the head a week ago while shooting the most recent video in the city of Chihuahua, Mexico News Daily detailed.

At any rate 10 individuals were available when Martinez, bound and attached to a seat, started battling with her phony captors and the .45-type handgun went off, striking her in the head and slaughtering her immediately, the source revealed.

A YouTube video posted online shows Martinez only seconds before her passing.

Specialists said two men fled in a Jeep Cherokee promptly following the lethal setback, as indicated by the report, which was initially distributed by the Mexican news aggregate Sipse.

Police have distinguished the two men however presently can’t seem to find them, the source said.

It is muddled why a stacked firearm was utilized as a prop during the Oct. 2 episode, police said.

Martinez was the mother of a 1-year-old youngster, the reports said. “Never dismal, consistently insane,” her Instagram page peruses.

Companions and family members have since set up a Facebook page in her memory.

“We trust individuals who love Areline will discover comfort in visiting her profile to recollect and praise he life,” the page peruses.

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