McDonald’s Worker Claims That Every Drink Is The Same Size

A McDonald’s worker shared a video, demonstrating that each drink is of similar size. And now, the Internet’s gone crazy.

Is he correct though?

A Revelation On TikTok

The worker’s name is Mykah, and he took his discoveries to TikTok to declare his shocking discovery to the world.

While inside the fast food chain, Mykah did a trial with a small Coca-Cola.

mcdonald?s worker claims that every drink is the same size

He empties Coke into a little cup into the ordinary size, with the liquid nearly arriving at the brim.

The drink then goes into the larger serving, and again the beverage can be seen enough to fill the cup.

The viral video has over 1.6 million views and a great many remarks.

Clearly, size matters since the video stood out enough to be noticed, and it’s divided the entire TikTok and Twitter netizens.

Colleagues To The Rescue

Another McDonald’s worker backed up Mykah and shared a tip to guarantee you get the most measurement of drink.

He says:

I worked at McDonald?s and this is true, always say no ice or ice on the side (in another cup) and only order smalls, NEVER medium.

mcdonald?s worker claims that every drink is the same size

Yet, many were dubious:

One Tiktoker composed:

That?s what happens when you fill up each of the cups slightly and then pour more in.

Another was similarly as cynic:

You really think we’re gonna believe this.

McDonald’s is brimming with shocking revelations, generally not lovely ones. In any case, each fastfood chain has a lot of surprises that are not so good. Most even include health code violations, so this drink issue is not big of a deal.

In any case, it will save you a buck if you believe in what you find in the video. We do, and we’re not lovin’ McDonald’s currently.

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