McDonald’s worker claims that every drink is the same size

A MCDONALD’S laborer has shared a video asserting that the entirety of the cups are a similar size.

Taking to TikTok, Mykah shared the clasp exhibiting his point while at work at the inexpensive food chain.

He starts with a little cup of Coca Cola which he at that point fills a normal cup with the fluid nearly arriving at the top.

At long last he tips the substance into a huge serving and again the beverage can be seen nearly filling the top.

The video has since circulated around the web accepting more than 1.6 million preferences and a huge number of


An individual McDonald’s worker returned forward to Mykah up, and shared a stunt to guarantee you generally get the greatest measure of drink.

Remarking they expressed, “I worked at McDonald’s and this is valid, consistently state no ice or ice as an afterthought (in another cup) and just request smalls, NEVER medium.”

Notwithstanding, not every person was persuaded.

One expressed: “That is the thing that happens when you top off every one of the cups somewhat and afterward pour more in.”

“You truly believe we’re going to accept this” said another.

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