Maskless woman launches karate attack on drug store worker in Canada

What’s a ninja without a veil?

A maskless lady making vivified kung fu commotions karate slashed and kicked a medication store representative, strange video shows.

The recording starts after the client at a drug store in Ontario, Canada, was approached to wear a face covering, as per the Daily Mail.

The lady is seen charging at the female laborer, more than once yelling “yah” as she strikes her.

“What’s up with you,” the befuddled worker says to her aggressor, the clasp shows. “Get the f–k out.”

The beginner karateka, who is dark, at that point reacts to the specialist, who gives off an impression of being Asian, “I realize you know hand to hand fighting. I do as well!”

She at that point pushes the worker into a tight spot of the store.

“Leave! Leave at this moment,” the laborer reacts.

As the drug store worker attempts to coordinate the exposed lady out of the store, the wannabe-ninja pivots again, yelling and pulling out what seems, by all accounts, to be a tissue from her pocket.

“Here’s my f–lord blood. You need to come close to me once more? F–k off,” she hollers, prior to leaving the store.

The showdown happened at a Shoppers Drug Mart chain, TMZ announced.

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