Mariah Carey’s Twitter Account Was Hacked And She Posted About Eminem Having A Small Penis

It’s perpetually amusing when a VIP gets one of their web-based media accounts hacked in light of the fact that they generally wind up posting truly imbecilic stuff and this was by and by the case on New Year’s Eve when Mariah Carey surprisingly found that her Twitter account was currently the individual jungle gym of some senseless programmers.

‘Mariah’ promptly posted around 50 silly and revolting tweets about points like Eminem’s penis and Santa and a wide range of idiotic stuff. Obviously, all the tweets have been erased now once control of the record was recaptured, however the screen captures will in every case live on.

Here’s a couple of the best:

Mariah Carey’s Twitter getting hacked is a bizzare approach to end 2019 and the 2010s.

— Joshua Rey (@JoshuaRey91) December 31, 2019

we’re truly finishing this decade with mariah carey’s twitter being hacked, huh?

— (@RuneAlexandra) December 31, 2019


I mean the entirety of that stuff is pretty imbecilic/interesting acknowledge when she utilizes the N word, however I think we as a whole realize that she was hacked and not simply alcoholic tweeting and being abnormal so we can likely let her off on that one. Upbeat New Year!

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