Man’s plot to take revenge on his cheating ex divides the internet

One man’s arrangement to apparently deliver retribution on a duping ex has partitioned assessment in the wake of turning into a web sensation on TikTok.

TikTok client Ivan Cervantes, who posts under the username elhispanic100, shared a video to the stage in which his companion is evidently destroying his ex’s hardwood floor with a story scrubber. It has since been seen more than 3.4 multiple times, collecting over 742k preferences and 12k remarks since it was posted.

“When your gf cheats yet you paid for her floor,” the video is subtitled.

What’s more, analysts on TikTok were positively isolated by the man’s activities.

“That is an unheard of level of insignificant I love it,” kept in touch with one onlooker, while another additional, “This (and her response) are the motivation behind why both of you don’t have a place in any relationship..especially a submitted one.”

“truly I’ve taken out floors and it ain’t justified, despite the potential benefits boss” a third analyst included.

A subsequent video implies to show the exes response to the condition of her floor.

“You’re so cracking puerile. No big surprise I undermined you. I required a man,” the ex says in the video. “Possibly you didn’t transform into a man in light of the fact that your father wasn’t even in your life, since he didn’t need you. You annoy me to such an extent. This is the reason you don’t add up to anything since you’re so f infantile.”

In another subsequent video, the banner uncovered more insights regarding his companion’s relationship. He said the couple had been together for a very long time and his companion thought she’d be the one he wedded until he discovered she had undermined him.

“Since you previously mistreated my kid’s heart, have a good time strolling over nothing,” he says toward the finish of the video.

Check out the video of the floor being dismantled by a floor scraper right here:

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