Man Who Spent $20,000 To Look Like Barbie Can’t Find A Girlfriend

A Czech tech master who spent almost $20,000 to look more like Barbie is battling to discover a sweetheart after his change. Honza Šimša, 26, begun getting fillers infused in 2017 and has now had the methodology multiple times, adding up to 90ml in his face. Notwithstanding, while he’s satisfied with his new look, it appears to be the women aren’t too persuaded.

He distinguishes as a man and is just explicitly pulled in to ladies. During work hours, he will in general dress in more regular manly clothing, however after he checks out, what happens next is anyone’s guess. That is the point at which he puts on his lashes and hairpieces, high heels, and dresses.

Šimša doesn’t discover his nightfall appear to be hazardous in the smallest, yet he concedes that most ladies battle to grapple with seeing him in a sentimental light as a result of it. “I’m pulled in to ladies, yet a few young ladies do disapprove of my look, as it tends to be mistaking for them,” he clarified. “I am single at this moment, and completely fine with that.”

Perhaps the greatest methodology he’s gone through is a lift lip that took him right to Slovakia. “I had needed the technique for some time, as it makes lips look a lot greater than if you were simply to have filler,” he said. “It required some investment to locate the correct specialist. I talked with a few and many idea that what I needed was preposterous. At that point I found a specialist in Slovakia who had the option to help. During the methodology, he cut the skin around my top lip and pulled it about 9mm higher up my face. The recuperation was extreme, yet I was truly satisfied with the outcomes.”

There is still a ton of scorn and cold-bloodedness towards the individuals who are extraordinary, and Šimša has encountered a ton of it. “A few people actually have extremely antiquated mentalities and in light of the fact that I seemed as though a person, however have huge lips and wear cosmetics, I would get a ton of consideration – which was not generally sure,” he conceded. “I realize my look is extraordinary and on the grounds that I have had issues with occupations in the past as a result of it. Presently when I go to work, I look manly, wear masculine garments and no cosmetics.” Hopefully individuals will turn out to be all the more tolerating later on!

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