Man who invited Tinder match for a ‘job interview’ is now getting MARRIED to her

Jason Forry, from Edinburgh, sent a kidding message to Natalie Anderson which almost reverse discharges

A man who made an interesting wager with a Tinder coordinate after she taunted his profile has uncovered the couple are set to wed.

Jason Forry’s Facebook post circulated around the web in 2015 after he imparted photos of his discussion to Natalie Anderson planning to get a date.

The 28-year-old from Edinburgh sent Natalie a phony prospective employee meeting pitch, yet she didn’t show up extremely intrigued.

In the wake of being cooked he made a wager with the 27-year-old, the Daily Record reports .

He suggested that on the off chance that he got more than 200 preferences on his Facebook post about their trade, they would need to go for drinks.

He had informed her, kidding to be ‘Head of enrollment’, saying: “Dear Natalie. A debt of gratitude is in order for your advantage in Jason, we have checked on your profile and might want to welcome you to an underlying meeting.

“Jason is a bustling man so hopefully you will simply expound a little on yourself, interests and such, best of luck in your application.”

In what could be viewed as a dismissal – or possibly some coquettish talk – on Natalie’s part, her ‘HR Team’ answered: “After getting your message, it has been drawn out into the open that there may have been some specialized challenges with the framework that coordinated Natalie to Jason.

“We acknowledge full obligation regarding this glitch and tragically after exploring Jason’s profile we find that Natalie isn’t viable with your customer and need to decay the meeting on this event.”

Obviously people in general were left in join over humorous experience.

Yet, Jason wasn’t set up to withdraw and orchestrated the ‘wager’ to attempt to win her warm gestures.

Furthermore, presently, over two years after the fact, the pair have uncovered they’re getting hitched.

Sharing the news on Twitter – in what has gotten one more popular post – Jason kidded: “Mental that I’m going to wed the young lady who tore the p**h out on me on Tinder”.

Natalie Anderson
Jason Forry

The post has so far demonstrated a hit, piling up in excess of 1200 offers and around 20,000 ‘likes’.

Addressing the Record Jason said he had no clue it would go so popular.

He stated: “It’s really entertaining, however clearly with the manner in which we are dating these days many individuals can relate.

“Each and every individual what single’s identity is’ probably utilizing Tinder so I believe they’re trusting there’s somebody who might be listening for them”.

Jason says the pair “jumped on like a house ablaze” during their first date – however wound up getting altogether too alcoholic and must be gotten by a companion.

“After that we went on a couple of more liquor let loose dates and finished making it official on December 19, 2015,” Jason added.

“We moved in together a year later, embraced a feline from the creature salvage, and on Saturday we got ready for marriage.”

The couple are wanting to get hitched in 2021.

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