Man Watching His Wife Plummet Off A Cliff Has Split The Internet

The first video of this episode has a few people exceptionally disparaging of the YouTuber who decided to transfer it (prompting him handicapping the remarks underneath it), while others are LOL’ing everywhere on their telephones and consoles. You’re going to perceive any reason why.

YouTube Vlogger's 'Cliff Wife' Was Nearly Meme'd To Death

It’s a genuine bit of Hollywood-style dramatization, starting with the couple struggling reviewing the occasions that occurred on that precipice edge, the result of the woman’s tumble off its side, lastly – the recording of her really falling:

Unfortunately that tumble is straight out of a scene of ‘You’ve Been Framed’. That is presumably where it would have wound up 15 years prior however it’s 2019 now so obviously she most likely has PTSD and will spend the remainder of her life attempting to get over it. The manner in which the clasp begins with them both getting enthusiastic over the entire thing, you’d think she was gotten by an enormous bird of prey and dropped onto the stones from many feet over the Earth or something.

Original Cliff Wife Video - YouTube

No doubt about it not exactly as awful as they set it up to be. On the other hand I most likely ought to have seen that coming considering the individual who sent it to me subtitled it ‘LMFAO’. Still perhaps it hurt a touch more than it really looked, so it’s incredible she lived to tell the story.

Here’s the full video on the off chance that you extravagant seeing more setting and editorial:

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