Man tries to ‘steal’ woman’s cell phone mid-TikTok – records his aggressive response

A young lady has caught the second a man apparently endeavored to “take” her phone as she was recording a video for TikTok.

The video being referred to shows web-based media client @5minwithaurea endeavoring to record herself on a tram stage as a train cruised by – yet rather than getting an adorable clasp, an apparently astute man can be seen getting her wireless.

“Stop! That is mine!” she yells, as she defies him, making the telephone drop to the ground. The man at that point gets forceful and begins to upbraid the young lady.

Initially shared to Aurea’s TikTok page, she wrote in a book box on the video: “I was making my TikTok recordings on the NYC train and an exceptionally discourteous man needed to take my mobile phone.”

In the wake of getting her telephone back from the man, the video at that point shows him – face veil pulled underneath his mouth – yelling at Aurea, guaranteeing she was endeavoring to “set individuals up”.

As Aurea sheets the train, the man remains at the entryway and keeps on yelling at her. After the entryways close, he flips her the finger.

Aurea later shared the video the Twitter, alongside the inscription: “I was without anyone else, the most noticeably awful thing transpired on the train in NYC.

“What I did was extremely perilous, he might have had a weapon and he could hurt me, however I had a sense of security on the grounds that there were individuals around taking a gander at us, yet I don’t suggest doing this. What might you do?”

The video has since been seen more than 1 million times on TikTok, with numerous online media clients taking to the remarks segment to share their contemplations on the fight.

Numerous individuals felt for Aurea, with one individual composition: “He’s distraught at you for not permitting him to take your telephone.”

Also, another TikTokker expressed: “Setting individuals up? He was close enough to see you plainly place it on the floor […] I’m happy it didn’t turn out in an unexpected way. Remain safe!”

A third analyst was irritated by the reality no one bounced to Aurea’s guard.

“The way that nobody helped or supported you”, they composed, alongside a few irate face emoticons.

In any case, other online media clients attempted to accuse Aurea for putting her telephone on the metro stage.

One individual composed: “Would you say you are visiting NY? [Cause] you need road smarts.”

Another additional: “Young lady you in the metro […] shoulda known better.”

In any case, individuals rushed to close down the casualty accusing, with one TikTokker by the name of Michael Datuin stating: “You all accusing her doing this in NY as though others arent the issue [sic]”.

Another additional: “It’s basic. Try not to get what’s not yours”.

Frankly, I concur with that announcement: it truly is that basic.

You can watch the video in the tweet underneath:

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