Man Stops His Girlfriend Snoring By Licking Her Face When She’s Sleeping

A great many people will turn their accomplice over when they’re making an excess of clamor, move around a smidgen to rescue them once again from their profound rest or simply kick them. Be that as it may, Jason Lee licks his better half’s face.

Sharnie Bright-Penny just discovered after she kept awakening with a wet face was shocked to find it was from her sweetheart licking her in the night.

Jason and Sharnie have been together seven months yet were making each other insane gratitude to restless evenings brought about by wheezing and rest talking.

Jason, 22, had tried different things with various methods of getting his sweetheart to turn over and be calm, yet at last licked her face in a last-discard endeavor at getting some rest.

Shockingly, Sharnie turned over away from him in her rest and was tranquil, permitting Jason to at last have the option to float off himself – so started to utilize the strange method routinely.

PIC FROM Kennedy News and Media (PICTURED: JASON LEE ADMITTING TO SHARNIE BRIGHT-PENNY THAT HE HAD LICKED HER FACE WHILE SHE SLEPT TO STOP HER SNORING) A teen who kept waking up with a wet face was stunned to discover it was from her boyfriend LICKING her in the night – as an ingenious hack to stop her snoring. Jason Lee and Sharnie Bright-Penny have been together for seven months but were driving each other crazy thanks to sleepless nights caused by snoring and sleep-talking. The 22-year-old had experimented with different ways of getting his girlfriend to roll over and be quiet, but finally licked her face in a last-ditch attempt at catching some rest. DISCLAIMER: While Kennedy News and Media uses its best endeavours to establish the copyright and authenticity of all pictures supplied, it accepts no liability for any damage, loss or legal action caused by the use of images supplied and the publication of images is solely at your discretion. SEE KENNEDY NEWS COPY – 0161 697 4266

The 19-year-old had no clue her sweetheart had been licking her as she rested, rather excusing her wet face as because of spilling in her rest.

It wasn’t until Sharnie was dozing over at a companion’s home and was kept alert by her buddy talking in her rest that Jason messaged conceding his own unordinary technique for persuading her to hush up.

Fortunately Sharnie discovered her accomplice’s strategy diverting – with the couple not precluding it as something he will do later on.

Jason, from Maryport in West Cumbria, stated: “Her wheezing seems like a profound snarl. I was resolved to discover something that quiets her down. She had turned more than a few times in her rest wheezing in my ear.

“I turned her over and she moved back onto me and continued wheezing in my ear. At the point when that didn’t work, I chose to attempt an embrace and move.” Someone’s watched Friends.

He proceeded: “I at that point chose to have a go at blowing in her face and afterward if all else fails I just licked her face and it worked. I snickered in light of the fact that it was so moronic yet I’m pretty cheerful I discovered an answer.

“I’ve been doing it about seven days. Generally her wheezing awakens me so I attempt to return to rest yet the wheezing keeps me up as it’s privilege in my ear.”

The couple both concede they have a negative behavior pattern for talking in their rest, with Sharnie once yelling for the feline and Jason incidentally requesting that Sharnie quit contacting his tongue.

Sharnie added: “I hadn’t suspected anything. I’ve woken up with a wet face however I’ve generally felt that was me spilling while I was snoozing, yet clearly it was most certainly not.

“I inquired as to whether he planned to continue doing it and his answer to that question was ‘no remark’, so I’m speculating he will.”

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