Man slammed for playing ‘cruel’ and ‘humiliating’ prank on girlfriend

A sweetheart has been marked “brutal” subsequent to playing a “mortifying” trick on his better half and afterward transferring it to web-based media.

On September 27, John Schoepf transferred a video to his TikTok account giving him pulling a trick on his better half. Notwithstanding, as opposed to discover the video amusing, clients have marked Schoepf and the trick as “sincerely manipulative”.

In the inscription, Schoepf clarifies: “When your gf is scared of sharks, and you push her in a shark tank.”

The clasp shows Schoepf and his sweetheart, Taylor, strolling down a wharf with a portion of their companions in Cancun, Mexico.

At that point, following one of Taylor’s companions calls attention to a shark to her, Schoepf drives his better half into the water.

Froze by the circumstance, Taylor quickly attempts to haul herself out and can be heard approaching her companions for help.

At the point when she is maneuvered back onto the dock, she can be seen insanely crying, as a chuckling Schoepf embraces her.

All through the video, the topic from the 1975 thriller Jaws can be heard playing out of sight.

The trick has since been seen over 7.4 multiple times on the web-based media stage, with numerous furious TikTok clients taking to the remarks area to hammer Schoepf.

One individual expressed: “Pushing her in and afterward consoling her after is the most manipulative thing I’ve ever observed.”

Another TikTokker expressed: “You can see the exceptional frenzy in her face when she’s adage ‘help me’ to those 2 young ladies […] so past dismal.”

A third composed: “This is basically incredibly harsh conduct.”

A fourth concerned TikTok client stated: “That is not clever it’s mortifying. So humiliating to be crying before a horde of individuals while being recorded. This was remorseless not amusing.” The post was then finished with a “red flag” emoticon.

Client Abby Matzek repeated the remark above, expressing: “Red flag […] Messing with individuals utilizing their feelings of trepidation isn’t entertaining. It’s past unfeeling.”

Albeit no sharks can be found in the water, Schoepf incorporated the hashtag “#nurseshark” in the subtitle for his video, which proposes there may have been a medical attendant shark in the water – which are totally innocuous to people.

In a subsequent video, both Josh and Taylor can be seen close by the first clasp, with Schoepf kidding: “Here she is, perfectly healthy.”

Josh then clarifies that despite the fact that “everyone despises” him, Taylor was never in any peril, and the shark in the water was being petted.

Taylor even says: “It truly was certifiably not a serious deal.”

The pair at that point end the second video with a kiss.

Yet, indeed, individuals weren’t intrigued with what they were seeing, and Josh’s remarks segment was by and by overwhelmed with messages calling him out for being “sincerely damaging”.

One TikTok client reacted, saying: “It’s the attempting to legitimize injurious practices for me.”

As a subsequent client included: “in light of the fact that you were genuinely going to be protected doesn’t mean it was a decent joke. This is genuinely damaging and you shouldn’t need to manage it.”

Furthermore, a third stated: “The fact is you have the right to be involved with somebody who PROTECTS you from your greatest apprehensions not THROWS you before them!”

What do you think? Was the simply an innocuous trick in a solid relationship or did Josh go excessively far?

You can see the video underneath.


When your gf is terrified of sharks, and you push her in a shark tank 😂😂 #sharkattack #nurseshark #crying #cancun #mexico #jaws

♬ Jaws Theme – Jaws

In the event that you or somebody you know is in a harsh relationship, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or visit with an agent HERE.

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