Man Shares What Frugal Life Is Like In The Jungle

An American man who left the States to live in the Amazon has uncovered what life resembles inside a wilderness.

Fruit Haven is a sustainable eco-town in Morona-Santiago, Ecuador. The town promotes a vegetarian ‘fruitarian’ way of life, and is open for low-maintenance volunteers and full-time inhabitants wishing to get away from the pound of everyday life under western capitalism.

The community was set up three years ago and is as of now producing harvests of local natural products including papaya, pineapples, and bananas. There’s no equipment being used on the farm, with people reaping crops utilizing knives and tools produced from the natural environment.

We always give something back to the Earth, so nothing goes to waste,‘ the inhabitant clarifies.

Life inside Fruit Haven is run under a ‘decentralized system of leadership, where everyone has an equal say‘, with the community often asking individuals who attempt to declare greater authority over the town to leave.

The resident says he’s sharing his experience to demonstrate that it is feasible to carry on with a more sustainable life, regardless of whether his model is an extreme one.

Fruit Haven is an eco-village in Ecuador (UNILAD/Facebook)

One of the really unique things about Fruit Haven is that it’s a place where raw vegans and fruitarians can come from all different parts of the world and connect in person,‘ he says.

Houses worked via carpenters locally cost between $5,000-$14,000, and are open for local area occupants to purchase after spending a half year in the town.

It’s not for everybody, but ultimately, Fruit Haven trusts it can be a model for a future worldwide organization of ‘decentralised, autonomous and plant based communities‘.

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