Man Shares Heartbreaking Post After Discovering After Six Years His Son Isn’t His

A guy has been left miserable in the wake of discovering he isn’t the organic dad of his six-year-old child. A DNA test demonstrated that there was a 0% likelihood that Robert Nolen was bringing up a kid that was his. Sharing the aftereffect of the paternity test on Social media, a passionate Robert asked ladies to be certain who their child daddy is.

His post peruses: ‘Following 6 years here is the outcome… Ladies all of you need to know who all of you are having sl-eeping with!’

‘Everyone has the right to know reality! Felllas ensure you make a move and get any youngsters tried who are professed to be yours! Life is certifiably not a game and children aren’t to be played with!’ Robert’s mom Luvinea Nolen additionally remarked on his post.

The miserable lady composed that however tragic as the circumstance may be, it would not prevent her from cherishing the young man.

She promised that he will keep on being a piece of her life. Her post peruses: ‘As the grandma! Indeed it hu-rts without a doubt so. I love this young man and paying little mind to this result.’

‘I believe I can’t step back. My heart just will not let me. I will keep on being a section in his life. When there’s a bound that has been there from the very beginning. He knows me as grandmother. ‘All things considered it will keep on being that way.’

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