Man Punched in the Face for Playing “F**k Donald Trump” Outside Texas Store

The 2020 official political race is weeks away, and many are nervous regarding who will end up being the new president. As of late, Donald Trump uncovered that he has COVID-19, which has had huge numbers of his allies and staff individuals frightened. Notwithstanding that, many are as yet communicating their aversion for Trump and getting into battles therefore. A man in Denton, Texas, was as of late a survivor of his abhorrence for the current president, as he was punched in the face for impacting “F**k Donald Trump” by YG.

While at a Buc-ee’s in Texas, a couple of men can be seen with Trump shirts one while one man shouts at another man who is holding a banner. The one man shouts, “turn it off!” regarding the YG tune, and afterward quickly sucker punched banner holder, dropping them to the ground.

From that point forward, police have captured Jason Lata for attack causing real injury on Saturday night. Police in Denton noticed that Lata’s bail was set at $15,000.

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