Man Posts TikTok of Him Grabbing and Harassing a Protected Bird For Trying to Steal His Food

A man is getting under the skin of animal activists after he grabbed a seagull in New Zealand. The entire occurrence was shot on TikTok and has been watched 22 million times, in any event.

In the video, Taylor Mensen was appreciating some McDonald’s fries when a bird dipped down to take some for himself. Mensen got one of the birds and was gripping it in his grasp, prior to delivering it back to the herd.


The Otago Daily Times revealed that the bird is an ensured animal groups and numerous creature advocates griped about the occurrence.

“Tarapunga [the Maori expression for the red-charged gull] are ensured under the Wildlife Act, which means it is unlawful to upset, hassle or kill them,” said DOC Otago activities supervisor Annie Wallace in The Otago Times. “The individuals who do so can confront fines or detainment. It is unpleasant for the creature at whatever point somebody gets and holds our local birds this way.”

Mensen has since guarded his conduct in a subsequent video and shared that he is “quite scared of birds.” “One began coming towards my head so I dodged and put my hand up and just snatched it,” he partook in the video.

Unfortunately, TikTok and other web-based media applications are stages where numerous individuals decide to share creature misuse. This training isn’t simply hurtful to the creatures in question, however can likewise impact others to take cues from them. This is particularly for the more treacherous kinds of misuse, for example, a pattern including creatures as props. In the event that you run over an instance of creature maltreatment via web-based media, you can report the post.

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