Man Nearly Dies After Drinking Five Litres Of Water A Day

A man nearly passed on subsequent to drinking five liters of water a day figuring it would fix his Covid manifestations.

Luke Williamson, from Patchway, Bristol, flushed his body of all its normal sodium in the wake of drinking an excessive amount of liquid.

The 34-year-old government employee accepted he was experiencing the dangerous sickness during the main public lockdown, and thought getting serious about the suggested every day admission of water would help.

Notwithstanding, he went farther than the suggested two liters, and his body’s degrees of sodium turned out to be so perilously low that he imploded.

The dad-of-four was rushed to hospital, where doctors said it was touch and go. Credit: SWNS

Luke says it’s just gratitude to his significant other Laura that he is as yet alive.

He stated: “If not for her, I wouldn’t be here. She remained quiet and called the rescue vehicle, and sat on the floor with me behind the entryway.”

Laura clarified: “He had been ineffectively for a week and instructed to drink bounty with respect to liquids.

“He went up to have a shower one evening and, the before you know it, there was an enormous blast. He had got out and fallen.

“The medical clinic figure he had a fit. This was down to his salt levels being flushed out by drinking a lot of water. That is the thing that caused it.

“I went higher up yet couldn’t get in [to the bathroom]. I was unable to get a neighbor round either, in light of the fact that it was lockdown.

“I called a rescue vehicle. It was 45 minutes [before it arrived]. Luke was totally inert throughout the previous 20 minutes.

“I was conversing with him through the entryway and he was snorting previously. I was truly stressed I had lost him.”

The mother-of-four said paramedics hurried to their home and took Luke to Southmead Hospital – when she was advised it was sticky.

She added: “They said they couldn’t make me any guarantees. I was unable to go [in] due to Covid-19 limitations.

“They said the following 24 hours were basic. He was in the emergency unit a few days – he was on a ventilator.

“The emergency clinic staff were splendid. They did a few tests and remedied his electrolytes. At that point he could get back home.”

Luke is presently on his way back to full wellbeing and will go to work again all day in the following not many months.

Laura stated: “He actually gets worn out. He had a half year off work, closed down. At the point when he originally returned he completed four hours, at that point six hours.

“They have released him back that way. He ordinarily does 12-hour shifts.”

Luke has since designated his better half in a nearby ‘Coronavirus Heroes’ mission.

Commending her for saving his life, he stated: “She is really an astonishing lady.”

Man Nearly Dies After Drinking Five Litres Of Water A Day
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