Man Leaves $1000 Tip While Blackout Drunk Then Demands It Back When Sober

Being drunk can heighten up the generosity level of some people to crazy levels. That is the reason why several people awaken with empty wallets, stunned that they consumed a great deal of money following an evening of drinking.

Just recently, a client chose to leave a $1,088 tip only to regret the choice later and request it back.

The incident occurred at a Thai café in Colorado, Thailicious, which is possessed by Bee Anantatho.

The waiter who got the generous tip offered it to Bee: he needed to place it in the tip container. The staff shares out every one of the tips toward the day’s end.

Bee said that the waiter who got the tip was particularly content with the prize since he had just known about such huge tips as stories. At last, he had seen a 1000-dollar tip.

The best they had seen were tips worth many dollars. 1,000 dollar tip was too good to be true.

Sadly, the server would not enjoy the tip because soon a while later, the customer returned requesting his money back.

Unfortunately, he claimed he made a mistake when leaving the tip:

“I’m sorry, I was drunk.”

man leaves $1000 tip while blackout drunk then demands it back when sober

The customer had no clue he had put all the cash he had in the checkbook as a tip. In the end, he left a $40 tip after having a dinner worth about $100.

The question is, would someone be able to get their tip back after to leaving it? Truly this restaurant really did.

Restaurants presumably need to manage circumstances where drunk supporters leave too much tips and afterward get back to request the money back. Obviously, there are also few a-holes who neglect to leave tips after a couple of beverages

Nonetheless, the huge tips make up for the under-tipping experienced by waiters due to these drunk a-holes.

Truly, this restaurant was under no commitment to give back a tip. However, this story helps prove how incredibly generous individuals can get once they become drunk.

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