Man Giving Away Free Hugs In Times Square Punches Woman In The Face

A man offering individuals in New York City’s Times Square “free embraces” was not exactly appreciative after a Canadian traveler would not tip him subsequent to tolerating an embrace and snapping a picture with him.

Jermaine Himmelstein reacted by punching her privilege in the face – as you do.

Police captured Himmelstein on theft and false addressing charges not long after the occurrence on Thursday evening.

Canadian woman slugged by 'free hug guy' in Times Square for not giving  tip, NYPD says - ABC7 New York

The casualty was left with a bruised eye, cuts and wounds.

As Himmelstein was driven out of a police headquarters a short time later, he admitted to journalists that he “was forcefully requesting tips.” No crap mate.

This isn’t the first run through for him either; he’s been captured 16 time since 2012 as he keeps ending up in fracases with travelers.

Man offering ‘free embraces’ punches Canadian lady in Times Square

— NEWSTALK1010 (@NEWSTALK1010) May 13, 2016

Something reveals to me this person isn’t exactly able to pass out free embraces in the busiest piece of New York, however by one way or another he props up back and getting captured once more. ust a miserable cycle truly. You could obviously contend that any individual who really gives this person an embrace merits all that they have coming to them. Can ensure this youthful Canadian won’t embrace additional outsiders any time soon in any case.

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