Man Faked Cancer And Took 20 Pills A Day To Stop Girlfriend Breaking Up With Him

A man lied about having disease and even strolled with a stick and accepting every day nutrient pills as “prescription” to persuade his better half he was critically ill.

Kevin Bevis, from Sittingbourne in Kent, lied about getting a terminal stomach malignancy determination to then-sweetheart Karen Gregory in an offer to shield her from saying a final farewell to him.

38-year-old Kevin controlled Karen, 50, by taking 20 pills every day just as requesting that her movement with him to counterfeit emergency clinic arrangements and persuading her companions of his ‘disease’, who at that point supported him on a foundation run.

Karen says he would make her stand by outside the medical clinic, asserting he ‘didn’t need her seeing him like that’. She had been near cutting off their 2-year association in light of his “sexual inclinations” and their “contradiction”. For instance, he would over and over request that her go swinging, in spite of her lack of engagement.

Detecting their days as a team were numbered, Kevin made the disease untruth and manipulated her into remaining with him. On ways he had persuaded her regarding his sickness, Karen said (through Metro):

I would get him and he would come out with swathes and reveal to me about the attendants there. He would have the medicine, a container of pills, for the duration of the day.

He even deceived his own folks about having the illness to keep up the act:

I was remaining close to him as he broke the news to his mum and father.

On the off chance that he can lie like that to his folks, you must trust it.

One day Karen was clearing stuff up in the carport and found that his “prescription” had simply been nutrients and enhancements, however by one way or another he actually figured out how to persuade her the malignant growth was genuine.

At Maidstone crown court, Prosecutor Ed Fowler clarified how Ms Gregory felt strain to satisfy Kevin’s cravings, just as a powerlessness to disregard him because of his sickness.

She didn’t have a clue about this at that point (that it was false) and started to feel remorseful for him and she was unable to leave him inferable from his condition.

She attempted to mollify him by giving him more consideration and she took on more positions so he could give up positions work and afterward give him sex and more consideration.

The court likewise heard how Kevin would irritate Karen to have intercourse with other men, to which she concurred in spite of not having any desire to.

On various events she believed she was constrained into having intercourse with various men – one out of a public vehicle leave which he said was one of his dreams.

The next year, he revealed to her the malignant growth had spread and he had a phase 4 cerebrum tumor, leaving Karen ‘under the impression it was terminal and she needed to have more sex with him’.

Things reached a crucial stage last December when Kevin put his hands around her neck during an attack, stifling her for five or six seconds and revealing to her he didn’t have anything to live for. Karen called the police and Kevin confessed to lying about his ailments after they glanced through his clinical records at the police headquarters. Karen was recounted the misdirection via telephone.

What a debilitated fuck. I don’t have the foggiest idea what Kevin Bevis’ end game was here yet I supposition he thought he’d cross that connect when he got to it. I mean he would have either needed to make a full recuperation in spite of having a phase 4 mind tumor or have quite recently dropped dead by one way or another. No other sensible situation. Well toward the finish obviously it was unadulterated BS and he’s currently serving year and a half for two offenses of attack and one of controlling or coercive conduct. Might have off softly there IMO.

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