Man Dumped by Girlfriend Smashes His Yaris into Porsche Dealership

At the point when a particular sort of man gets unloaded they will in general go to a Porsche business and compensate for their messed up heart by buying some old fashioned German strength—however not one Toronto man.

Rakhmatullo Sotvoldiyev, a 20-year-old Toronto man, chosen to use a Porsche vendor in his post-separation hysterics yet as opposed to purchasing another games vehicle/figurative dick, he purportedly crushed his Yaris (truly, a Yaris) into the business and graffitied the extravagance vehicles to respect his previous darling.


Late Monday night, police reacted to a call that a man had driven a vehicle into a Porsche business in east Toronto. The thing is, of the relative multitude of vendors to drive your vehicle into, amigo picked the most noticeably terrible in light of the fact that there is a police division base camp right over the road from it.

Staff Sgt. Dan Hoffmeyer told the Toronto Star that, “I think our front work area individuals who were here, they really heard it too.” After hearing the tune of a high-mileage car crushing a lot of glass windows and skipping off a $75,000 vehicle, cops advanced over the road to locate that a Toyota Yaris had joined the showroom floor Porsches and a grief stricken man scribbling spray painting on the famously costly vehicles. Police say the Yaris was as of late bought.

“It is by all accounts inspired by his ongoing relationship separation,” Hoffmeyer told the Star. “After he drove in, he left his vehicle and did some spray painting on some Porsches he didn’t hit. A portion of the spray painting he put on vehicles was comparable to that. ‘I’ll show you’— I don’t have a clue what he expected to show this individual.”

In the wake of stalling out in the business the man, as per City News, chosen to flaunt that solid Toyota force and turn the tires till they were smokin’ and squealin’. The man kept on doing this until the showroom was loaded up with smoke. At that point—not too not at all like Batman—he left into the smoke and began labeling the vehicles around him with an indelible marker. We may have gotten an allude to the character of the man’s previous darling as he stated “Eve” down on one of the vehicles. At the point when a worker asked him for what reason he was, you know, doing this wild crap, he clearly said he was “having a terrible day,” as per City News.


Photographs posted of the accident online by independent photojournalist Victor Biro show the gold Toyota Yaris sitting on an ocean of broken glass mostly inside the vendor. The vehicle has its hood popped and is sitting opposite to a blue Porsche upset. Altogether, the man harmed three of the vehicles, photographs posted by a CBC columnist show he crushed up the back end the blue upset that the Yaris stopped close.

Police told the Star that the harm the vendor got was powerful and could be as high as $100,000 [$75,202 USD]—the greater part of the harm coming from the vehicles, not the business. Police told the Star that the vehicle the man utilized was purchased as of late and that they don’t really accept that he was endeavoring to pummel it into the vendor—he just took advantage of it when it occurred.

Sotvoldiyev is in police guardianship and will deal with indictments of perilous activity of an engine vehicle and underhandedness causing harm over $5,000 [$3,760].

Men, amirite?

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