Man Driving Stolen Car Crashes Into Woman Driving Another Stolen Car

An Oregon man and lady were captured after a fender bender uncovered that the two vehicles associated with the mishap had been accounted for taken. Randy Lee Cooper and Kristin Nicole Begue were both captured by Newberg-Dundee not long ago and set up for the neighborhood prison on different charges. Fortunately, nobody was harmed in the impact.

Newberg-Dundee police were attempting to catch Cooper after they got reports of a taken Toyota Land Cruiser passing through midtown, the New York Post reports. They found Cooper and an interest followed.

From that point, police had the option to capture Cooper, from Portland, and spot him under captured. Be that as it may, things were going to get a ton more peculiar when they ran the tag number of the other vehicle associated with the mishap.

It had been accounted for as taken three weeks sooner in a totally random episode. Kristin Nicole Begue was distinguished as the driver of the subsequent vehicle and she was likewise discovered to be impaired, however it’s indistinct whether it was medications or liquor (or both) in her framework.

They included endeavoring to sidestep police, unapproved utilization of an engine vehicle, careless driving, and attack. With respect to Begue, she likewise got a charge for unapproved utilization of an engine vehicle just as driving impaired. It has not been accounted for when either speculate will show up in court or what jail sentence, assuming any, either may confront.

A taken vehicle being slammed would one say one is thing, yet what are the odds that it would hit another vehicle that was additionally taken? The police most likely weren’t hoping to explain two violations in a single day, however there you go!

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