Man Cooks Chicken By Slapping It 135,000 Times In 8 Hours

In the event that you’ve at any point mulled over the well established inquiry concerning whether you can cook a chicken by slapping it a lot of times, at that point never dread – your question has at long last been replied!

The wild examination was apparently borne from a 2019 Reddit string contemplating exactly the same inquiry, where a client asked: “If motor energy is changed over into nuclear power, how hard do I need to slap a chicken to cook it?”

One analyst, who was obviously a material science major, reacted that it would take around ‘23,034 normal slaps to cook a chicken’ with a speed of almost 6000km each hour.

Credit: YouTube / Louis Weisz

Two years on, YouTuber Louis Weisz chose to lead a science analysis to discover for the last time if heat produced from slapping an entire crude chicken a ludicrous measure of times would really be sufficient to proficiently cook it.

In a video suitably named ‘I Cooked a Chicken by Slapping It’, Weisz uncovered it took him two months to effectively do the vital analysis, since the underlying apparatus accelerated to the point that it essentially pummeled the chicken.

Weisz kept on changing the odd contraption – which included an oar appended to an engine fueled robot arm – to cook the chook to the point it was palatable by controlling an incredible 135,000 slaps more than eight hours, totalling 7,500 Watt long stretches of energy.

Credit: YouTube / Louis Weisz

That is clearly a few fold the amount of energy as your broiler would use to make a comparative showing.

Utilizing a tip from Modernist Cuisine, Weisz kept the chicken at a temperature of around 55-60 degrees Celsius for barely an hour and a half to cook the chicken through.

it’s imperative to note, notwithstanding, that it’s typically prescribed to cook a chicken to an inside temperature of at any rate 73 degrees Celsius to slaughter off germs.

Yet, don’t go surging off to your neighborhood general store to give this one a shot presently, on the grounds that you’re route in an ideal situation eating a chook that has been cooked ordinary way.

“It essentially possesses a flavor like you’ve been biting it more brief as of now,” Weisz said of the elective strategy.

Sounds… horrendous.

The inquisitive YouTuber likewise tried his strategy on a piece of steak and was effectively ready to cook the bits of meat to an eatable state, yet we’ll presumably adhere to utilizing a frypan.

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