Man CAUGHT ON VIDEO stealing cellphone from woman who collapsed while jogging & later died

A Missouri man is dealing with criminal indictments for supposedly taking a cellphone from a lady who imploded on the walkway a week ago and in this way kicked the bucket.

St. Louis police said observation film from October 18 demonstrated Brian Davenport, 35, leave a van and take a cellphone from Jacquelyn Olden, 64, who had fallen while running. Bygone eventually passed on at an emergency clinic, as per the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The River Front Times detailed that after Olden imploded the first occasion when, she attempted to utilize her telephone prior to falling a subsequent time.

St. Louis police delivered observation film which seems to show Davenport stroll around Olden, take her telephone, and leave Olden on the walkway. The Riverfront Times announced that another person in the end called for help.

Police said they followed the van to Davenport, who supposedly confessed to being in control of Olden’s telephone.

Davenport was captured Monday and accused of lawful offense taking.

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