Man Branded ‘Psychopath’ After Asking Girlfriend To Marry Him At Gunpoint

While most proposition are considered as sentimental minutes, maybe in an excellent area, at dusk, with blossoms required, for instance, others at times overwhelm you.

Obviously, an amazement is frequently included as well, however generally in a glad, ‘gracious my gosh I’m so upbeat and shocked’ sort of way.

That is certainly not the situation in this situation notwithstanding. An engagement proposition which occurred in Russia a week ago has turned into a web sensation because of its novel thought, certain absence of sentiment, and full scale unnerving setting – specifically, a prisoner circumstance with concealed shooter and the pay off to-be being hauled from her vehicle.

The video shows the clueless lady being hauled from her vehicle by various covered shooters, pummeled on the hood of the vehicle, yelled at and essentially threatened.

Causing everyone a deep sense of help, her beau shows up – who was in the vehicle – and gets down on one knee to propose. Naturally, she says yes on the grounds that, y’know, those folks are as yet holding firearms and – in the event that it was me – I’d simply need to get the damnation out of there as fast as could reasonably be expected.

The video has been called ‘screwing nuts’, with some truism the proposer is a ‘insane person’ in light of the disturbing trick. Others considered it the ‘most exceedingly awful proposition ever’, and contemplated whether the person was attempting to ‘alarm her into concurring’.

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