Man Asked For Refund For iPhone 12 He Bought For His Girlfriend Who Dumped Him

Here and there purchasing costly blessings to please your loved one doesn’t generally imply that the relationship is awesome.

A month ago, a video became famous online on douyin (Chinese TikTok) of a person getting solace from an Apple worker in China subsequent to being unloaded by his sweetheart.

In the 24-second clasp, a man in a white shirt is seen crying to a store representative since his better half said a final farewell to him not long after he had gotten her an iPhone 12.

“She said a final farewell to me after I paid the main portion,” he says while the Apple store worker solaces him and loans him a comfort in times of dire need.

Wow, envision paying that much cash just to get unloaded following.

The Apple representative makes an honest effort to reassure the crying client, clumsily tapping him on his arms as he keeps on wailing.

Be that as it may, directly toward the end, the man chooses to take whatever risks he has left and approach the representative for a discount amidst his tears.

“I need to get the telephone back from her, and would i be able to get a discount?”

All things considered, would it be advisable for him to get a discount? What do you think?

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