Live streamer calls two women the N-word, h 0mophobic s lur after being r ejected in viral video

A traditionalist live decoration has turned into a web sensation after video film of him utilizing racial and h 0mophobic slurs at a taqueria in La Mesa, California circled across online media. Individuals are requesting he be deplatformed.

The decoration, known as Based_Surfer, is important for IP2.NETWORK, a stage for “IRL decorations” evidently known for “tense,” hostile, and surprisingly bigoted substance. IRL decorations are makers who live stream occasions that occur “all things considered.”

As indicated by YouTuber Joseph Morris, Based_Surfer is additionally companions with white patriot Tim Gionet, otherwise called “Prepared Alaska.” Gionet was captured for his job in the Jan. 6 mob at the Capitol.

A few video clasps of Based_Surfer shared via web-based media show him utilizing the N-word and a h 0mophobic slur over and over. Different clasps show him hassling two ladies by calling them “Karens” and reprimanding one’s body.

Morris separated a few of the clasps in his Sept. 13 video, named, “Bigoted live decoration Based_Surfer has PUBLIC FREAKOUT on ‘Karens’ for IP2 Community.”

Morris played a clasp from the occurrence showing Based_Surfer minutes after he was dismissed by two ladies, who he then, at that point, continued to call “f a t as f u c k.” Then, he over and over considered the two white ladies the N-word. Afterward, when one lady swung at him, he fled.

Video film of the occurrence is stuck to an IP2 Network Twitter profile, despite the fact that it’s muddled in case it’s an authority profile for the organization. A few people saw the pin as a sign that the organization was “glad” of Based_Surfer’s upheaval.

Morris additionally noted in his video that Based_Surfer recently accumulated consideration last month by pestering a road merchant about his immunization status. He then, at that point, seemed to get in an actual fight with the merchant.

A famous TikToker known as @TizzyEnt shared a clasp of Based_Surfer interfacing with the two ladies, who are white, saying that the decoration “wouldn’t have had the sack” to utilize the N -word if any Black individuals had been close.


So how long has he got?

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A few group on Twitter called for streaming stage Twitch to eliminate Based_Surfer from the stage, yet it seems his channel was at that point brought down starting at Wednesday evening. J erk didn’t give a remark to the Daily Dot when of distribution. The Daily Dot connected with the La Mesa P 0lice Department and couldn’t contact Based_Surfer.

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