Leo DiCaprio Vapes And Wears Headphones When Having Sex With Models

Some time back individuals were paralyzed/frustrated to see Leo DiCaprio vaping out in broad daylight, however then everybody contemplated that vaping must be truly cool in any case Leo DiCaprio wouldn’t do it.

Well turns out Leo loves vaping considerably more than we suspected – to such an extent that he vapes during sex and furthermore shakes a couple of earphones at whatever point he’s carrying out the thing as well.

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That is as indicated by Star Magazine who ran a story on big names’ sexual experiences as of late, citing anonymous sources and irregular individuals on what different big names resemble in bed:

Leonardo DiCaprio “is narrow minded, sluggish and tremendously inconsiderate,” says a source whose BFF had relations with the 41-year-old Oscar victor. “She revealed to me that during the demonstration, Leo put on earphones and even began vaping! At that point he flagged all her going while he just laid back and daydreamed.”

The lady was so confounded by the circumstance that she just continued, humiliated and seeking after things to change. However, Leo kept on lying there, tuning in to MGMT, while his “date” was left thinking about what was in this for her.

“Leo realizes ladies are hypnotized by his fame, so he clearly doesn’t mind at all if they’re fulfilled,” says another insider. “He can lay down with practically any lady he needs easily, so it’s nothing unexpected he doesn’t attempt in bed by the same token.”

Much the same as each other story that makes Leo put on a show of being the coolest fella on earth, I’m deciding to accept this 100%. On the off chance that you need to be a faltering arse and stress over the sources at that point that is fine, yet realize that you’re burning through your time since Leo totally vapes and tunes in to MGMT on his earphones while supermodels simply get down to business on him. That is exactly what Leo does.

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