Leo DiCaprio Made A Bet That He Could Bang 6 Models Per Night In Cannes And He Won

Connecting with supermodels is the least demanding thing on the planet for Leo DiCaprio – so natural that he obviously even brings in cash off it.

The National Enquirer detailed today that Leo wager Tobey Maguire he could engage in sexual relations with in any event 6 Victoria’s Secret models a night in Cannes in multi week.


Prepare to be blown away. He pulled it off.

Leonardo DiCaprio was a bustling kid in Cannes as of late – wagering Tobey Maguire he could score with SIX Victoria’s Secret models a night in Cannes in seven days – and he oversaw it!

Sex-fixated Leo is on a young lady drinking spree as he keeps on delighting in the single life following his separation a year ago with model Kelly Rohrbach. In this way, Leo chose to kick it up an indent at Cannes.

“He rests during the day ordinarily and parties throughout the night,” an insider revealed to All the Buzz. “He calculates the young ladies will be up for couples and trios to make his objective more down to earth. It is the discussion of Cannes, as everybody understands what he’s doing! In the same way as other celebrated men before him, Leo appears to have a dependence on more is better.”

Exactly when you figured Leo may at last be beginning to relax now that he’s in his 40s, won an Oscar and has committed his opportunity to sparing the planet (or attempting to in any event), this story drops to advise you that he’s actually got it. I mean OK is this simply a newspaper talk? Truly. Is there any proof to back it up? No. In any case, you simply realize that it’s 100% genuine that Leo slammed 6 Victoria’s Secret models in a single night. That is exactly what Leo does.

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