Kim Kardashian West ‘Cried All Morning’ Ahead Of Death Row Inmate’s Execution

Kim Kardashian West went through the morning in tears the other day in front of the execution of Brandon Bernard, who was seen as blameworthy of killing two Christian youth clergymen in Texas in 2000.

US carries out rare execution during presidential transition | Euronews

Bernard, who was 18 at the hour of his wrongdoing, was killed by deadly infusion in Florida last December 10 (2.27am GMT).

Nonetheless, individuals from the casualties’ families have scrutinized the unscripted television star for endeavoring to save Bernard from execution.

Kardashian West, who has a background marked by crusading against capital punishment, had begged President Donald Trump to drive 40-year-old Bernard’s sentence to a daily routine sentence and permit him to experience out his days in jail.

At around noontime, she tweeted: “Been crying throughout the morning. Brandon Bernard will be executed in 6 hours.”

Sometime thereafter, she tweeted: “Brandon Bernard will be executed in 5 hours and everything I can consider is his family and youngsters and how they will feel when their adored one is no more.”


An hour after, she stated: “Horrendous news from the seventh circuit: IT IS ORDERED that the Emergency Motion for Stay of Execution Pending Appeal is DENIED. This is the reason makes a decision about issue. #SaveBrandonBernard.”

At 4pm, she added: “2 hours until Brandon Bernard is executed. My heart breaks for everybody included, including the casualties’ families and not the slightest bit am I lessening the misfortune their family has experienced.”

At that point, at 5pm she stated: “1 hour until Brandon Bernard will be executed. It’s #HumanRightsDay and here in the United States we are executing somebody who was 18 at the hour of the wrongdoing, was not simply the shooter and has restored. So despicable.”

Bernard was in the long run executed around four hours after the booked time. He tended to the groups of his casualties through the glass, letting them know: “I’m grieved.

“That is the lone words that I can say that totally catch how I feel now and how I felt that day.”

Bernard, alongside his accessory Christopher Vialva, was given capital punishment after the carjacking and murder of Todd and Stacey Bagley on Fort Hood armed force base, and Stacie’s stepsister revealed to TMZ yesterday that Bernard’s demise was completely merited, paying little heed to Kardashian West’s endeavors to save him.

Dana Ladd stated: “I need her to consider in the event that it was one of her youngsters that Bernard did that to – could she feel in an unexpected way? It’s simple for individuals to make statements when they don’t have comparable encounters.

“Bernard had the option to see his family through glass, however we’ll always be unable to see Stacie any longer. He has a little girl. What might he think in the event that somebody did that to his little girl? Bernard’s getting what he merits and that’s it.

Protests had been held to save Bernard's life. Credit: PA

“A transgression is a wrongdoing. Outcomes of those wrongdoings will play out and that is what’s going on today.”

After his execution, Kardashian West tweeted: “I’m so wrecked at the present time. They executed Brandon.

“He was quite an improved individual. So confident and positive until the end. All the more significantly he is grieved, so upset for the hurt and torment he has caused others.”

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