Kanye West Caught ‘Picking And Eating His Own Earwax’ At Sunday Service Concert

Regardless of how rich or renowned an individual may be, it’s critical to recollect that they’re as yet people. They fart, crap and pick their openings simply like most of us.

Kanye West 'grosses' fans out as he appears to pick his ear and 'eat earwax'  - Daily Star

Simply ask Kanye West. Notwithstanding being quite possibly the most notable individuals on this planet with a total assets of roughly $250million, it would show up he actually adores an old fashioned ear pick occasionally.

In a clasp shot at Kanye’s most recent gospel-fuelled Sunday Service show in Los Angeles, the rapper is demonstrated scratching at his ear prior to popping the products into his mouth.

Twitter client @j0rgecastr0 transferred the recording close by the subtitle: “So I didn’t see however I got a video of @kanyewest eating his earwax.”

Definitely Kanye has learned at this point that even the stealthiest of tasks are in danger of being shot when you’re that acclaimed. You must be careful consistently openly, regardless of the amount you’re jonesing for certain snacks from the face buffet.

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