Kanye West Apparently Paid A Bartender $15,000 Just To Listen To Him Talk

A bartender has shared about the time Kanye West evidently paid her a stunning $15,000 only for listening to him.

Anessa Rossi, who has more than 170,000 adherents on TikTok, clarified that she bartends at a strip club in midtown LA where she will frequently serve superstars and high profile people.

As per Rossi, she’s recently poured drinks for different rappers, athletes and ‘individuals who simply need to relax and get things done just for Instagram’. In any case, she’s at no other time or a while later served anybody very as well known as Kanye.

Look at it below:


This wasn’t recent, this was a few years ago #StoryTime #GRWM #kanyewest #fy

♬ Gold Digger – Kanye West

Rossi reminisced the tale of Kanye’s visit, which clearly happened years prior and before he wedded into the Kardashian family, all while exhibiting different beauty items.

She reviewed how Kanye was ‘totally extraordinary’ to the numerous different stars who regularly visited the club, uncovering:

Kanye didn’t want to book a table. Kanye didn’t want to see the girls dance. He just came straight to the bar and started talking to me.

He didn’t order anything to drink. He just got water on the rocks and proceeded to tell me all of his beliefs and where where we’re descended from, and how he believed that he was a true descendant of his creator.

This discussion purportedly continued for around three to four hours and, toward the finish of the evening, Kanye paid Rossi abundantly for setting aside the effort to pay attention to him.

Kanye West (PA Images)

Rossi said:

He advised me toward the night’s end, ‘thank you for your time’, gave me $15,000 and said that he believed he was called to do this and left. That is the last time I’ve at any point seen him.

Taking to the comment section, Rossi said that this was ‘likely one of the more memorable minutes at the club’, adding that she has ‘no clue about why he gave me such a lot of cash and he never came in again’.

Large numbers of those in the comment weren’t astounded by this liberal signal, with one individual commenting:

Kanye def did this! He is known for being generous at the club.

Another said:

My dad used to do security for Kanye. He said he would go up to random people all the time and just talk to them.

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In spite of the fact that it’s unknown when precisely this experience happened, Rossi has obviously worked at the club for a very long time, which means it might have been any time over the previous decade. It simply shows that occasionally it pays to be a good listener.

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