Johnny Depp Has Bizarrely Posed Behind Bars To Accept His Best Actor Award

Johnny Depp hasn’t had the best season of it as of late after he was decided to have pummeled Amber Heard various occasions in his ongoing criticism preliminary against The Sun, yet he may have discovered some break from the way that he was as of late got an honor at the Cameraimage Festival in Poland for ‘Entertainer with Unique Visual Sensitivity’ – whatever that implies

Definitely, that isn’t too sound a look there from Depp, yet I supposition you would feel somewhat like you’re in prison in the event that you just got terminated from your film establishment and the entire world believes you’re an undershirt however you’re resolved that you’re not and Amber Heard was similarly as terrible if not more awful. It’s conceivable he may have the option to let those evil spirits go when he clashes with Heard in their legal dispute one year from now, yet after the current year’s decision it appears he’ll be battling to free his name for the rest from his life.

You would be somewhat delicate in that circumstance, in spite of the fact that you can most likely additionally contend that it’s one of his own creation and he merit it. Estimate we’ll perceive how it works out.

Johnny Depp Poses from Behind Bars with Film Festival Award | PEOPLE.com
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