Johnny Depp accuses ex Amber Heard of severing his finger with a vodka bottle

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard wedded in 2015, yet the next year, the entertainer petitioned for an aggressive behavior at home limiting request against the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

Depp has since passionately prevented any charges from getting viciousness against his previous spouse, albeit later privately addressed any remaining issues. The pair agreed to $7 million in August of 2015, all of which Heard gave to noble cause.

Following this settlement, the two entertainers consented to non-revelation arrangements to keep them from examining their relationship in broad daylight. Notwithstanding, Depp is currently suing his ex for criticism, after she composed a commentary for the Washington Post in December 2018.

In it, Heard talked about her experience as a survivor of aggressive behavior at home – and despite the fact that she never referenced Depp by name, it has still apparently been sufficient to provoke his claim.

In court archives got by People Magazine, Depp presented an announcement giving his record of the relationship. As a major aspect of this $50 million claim, he has blamed her for manhandling him.

“I have denied Ms. Heard’s charges intensely since she initially made them in May 2016 when she strolled into court to get a transitory limiting request with painted-on wounds that witnesses and reconnaissance film show she didn’t have every day of the previous week,” Depp composed. “I will keep on preventing them for the rest from getting my life.”

“I never manhandled Ms. Heard or some other lady,” he stated, including:

“She was the culprit, and I was the person in question. While blending remedy amphetamines and non-physician endorsed drugs with liquor, Ms. Heard submitted multitudinous demonstrations of abusive behavior at home against me, frequently within the sight of an outsider observer, which in certain cases caused me genuine real mischief.”

Depp’s announcement additionally asserts that she “hit, punched, and kicked me,” notwithstanding Heard regularly tossing “objects into my body and head, including hefty containers, soft drink jars, consuming candles, TV controllers, and acetone jars, which seriously harmed me.”

He proceeded to depict one asserted occurrence in which he requested that Heard consent to a post-matrimonial arrangement, after which she “went crazy” and tossed bottles at him, including a huge glass vodka bottle which struck his finger.

“I needed to have 3 medical procedures to recreate my finger and contracted MRSA three time,” the entertainer asserted. “I expected that I would lose my finger, my arm and my life.”

Following these new claims, Heard’s attorney Eric George gave an announcement to People Magazine, in which he demanded that Depp “consistently beat Amber Heard”. George expressed:

“The proof for this situation is clear: Johnny Depp over and again beat Amber Heard. The undeniably frantic endeavors by Mr. Depp and his empowering influences to restore his vocation by starting unmerited prosecution against endless individuals once near him – his previous legal advisors, his previous supervisors, and his previous mate – are not tricking anybody.

“Considering the significant work done by the #TimesUp development featuring the strategies victimizers use to keep on damaging survivors, neither the inventive network nor the public will be gaslit by Mr. Depp’s ridiculous fault the-casualty fear inspired notions”

The result of this claim is not yet clear, as is whether these new charges are upheld up by the outsiders Depp recommends they are.

Golden Heard uncovers frightening subtleties of supposed maltreatment during her union with Johnny Depp:

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