‘Jesus shoes’ with holy water soles sell out in minutes

A shoe organization is presently saying you can stroll on water in their shoes and they aren’t in fact wrong.

Nike delivered another pair of tennis shoes called “Jesus shoes.” And for just $1,400 and some change, you can get the experience of emulating Christ’s example.

These shoes have water from the Jordan River infused into the soles.

The Brooklyn-based plan organization purchased under 24 sets of Nike Air Max 97’s for the “collab culture” adventure.

Notwithstanding the heavenly water favored by a minister, the white kicks include a smaller than usual cross, frankincense-scented fleece insoles and a solitary drop of blood on the tongue to represent Jesus.

The bottoms of the shoes are likewise colored a ruddy color to impersonate the shoes worn by popes quite a while in the past.

The shoes delivered Tuesday and sold out very quickly.

On the organization’s site, MSCHF (Mischief), said more will be accessible Oct. 22 and resulting second and fourth Tuesdays of every month.

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