Jenelle Evans Breaks Silence On Her Domestic Assault

It’s been an extreme end of the week for Jenelle Evans (Eason) and her family, yet on the off chance that you ask her, all is simply great. Only three days back, it was uncovered that Jenelle and her better half David Eason had police called to their home for a homegrown attack.

Jenelle called 911 a weekend ago, asserting that David had assaulted her and broken her collarbone.

“My name is Jenelle Eason, I am at 17 [redacted], and my significant other attacked me. He nailed me down on the ground […] in the yard, and I think I heard my f*g collarbone split. I can’t move my arm.”

The administrator at that point asked where David was, and Jenelle said he was in the house and had been drinking.

“I believe that he got savage since he’s drinking,” Jenelle told the administrator. “I’m recuperating from a medical procedure I jumped on Monday[…] I have four children at the house with me at this moment and they’re all resting. I don’t have a clue what to do.”

The medical procedure the truth star is alluding to is sinus medical procedure she had as of late. Jenelle is perceptibly vexed during the whole call, and continues saying ‘sorry’ for her crying. Police were dispatched to the house.

“When they showed up, they exhorted [Jenelle] appropriate lawful moves to make,” the Columbus County boss said. “A rescue vehicle was called and afterward dropped in light of the fact that she said she was setting off to the ER in a private vehicle.”

Very quickly after the updates on the attack broke, Jenelle’s Twitter account vanished. Her Instagram account, notwithstanding, was as yet dynamic. As indicated by the Teen Mom star’s rep, the attack wasn’t an attack by any stretch of the imagination.

“[Jenelle] had companions over Saturday night and they had a campfire on her property,” the rep said. “Jenelle wound up stumbling and falling by the fire.”

The emergency call was delivered after the announcement by Jenelle’s rep, so now the truth star has delivered another announcement of her own.

“It was a tanked and sensational misconception,” Jenelle told E! News. “Everything is great…We are absolutely fine. We are feeling fine. Simply going on vacation social media…time to zero in on ourselves and our family.”

Concerning David, he hasn’t delivered an official explanation, yet he has been posting about how upbeat he and Jenelle are.

In the photos David has been posting, Jenelle doesn’t seem to have any wounds. That being stated, it is highly unlikely to tell when these photographs were taken, and they effectively could be from before the emergency call. One post, highlighting David, Jenelle, and their little girl Ensley, is subtitled “We’ve never been more joyful, much obliged for inquiring!”

Another post highlights Jenelle, her mom Barbara, and her most seasoned child Jace at Jace’s soccer match. “We are largely so glad for Jace, he is a radiant soccer player! I’m additionally exceptionally glad for Jenelle and Barb for cooperating and getting along so well!”

David has a background marked by brutality, with abusive behavior at home defensive request against him from a past relationship. He was captured for disregarding in 2016.

Chelsea DeBoer, another of the Teen Mom stars, tweeted about the occurrence.

“How was he not captured?” she inquired. “For reasons unknown I thought they quite often needed to take somebody in when they are called to an abusive behavior at home. Stunning.”

Kailyn Lowry has likewise been posting refreshes about the show on her Twitter account, despite the fact that she hasn’t remarked on it by and by. She has been presenting joins on all the most recent news stories identifying with Jenelle’s attack.

We may never know the entire story, yet one thing is without a doubt: abusive behavior at home is amazingly genuine. In the event that you or somebody you realize need assistance escaping a hazardous circumstance, call The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

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