Jedward Superfan Fulfils Her Fantasy By Having Sex With Two 14-Year-Old Boys

Self-admitted Jedward superfan, Kristin MacRuary, 39, has been imprisoned in the wake of having intercourse with two 14-year-old young men. I’m astounded the police didn’t as of now have a cautious eye on her considering she had really admitted to totally cherishing them two little pricks.

Obviously she prepped the 14-year-old young men over online media prior to welcoming them over to her home on two separate events in South Ayshire to get pissed up and watch motion pictures. The main casualty was welcomed higher up where she indicated him some contraception and continued to engage in sexual relations with him. The subsequent she advised to go higher up for a snooze. After a brief time she followed him higher up and took all his garments off prior to laying down with him. Upsetting.

JEDWARD – Sick Chirpse

Her conduct before these episodes would recommend that she was somebody to be stressed over as she had recently posted photos of the bothering pop-couple Jedward when they were only 12-years of age, saying that they looked “hot.” She additionally expressed in a Facebook status that she required, “Jedcest.” I would express that is sufficient to toss her in a psychological foundation all things considered.

MacRuary has now been condemned to two years in jail and ten years on the Sex Offenders’ Register. Her protection specialist Ian Gillies requested mercy, saying that she would profit by a Community Payback Order as she, “unmistakably needs backing and oversight.”

In any case, Sheriff John Montgomery censured MacRuary and stated:

Jedward Superfan Fulfils Her Fantasy By Having Sex With Two 14-Year-Old Boys  – Sick Chirpse

You confessed to two charges of having sex with young men between the age of 13 and 16-years of age – both were 14 at that point.

I’ve perused the social work report – it’s an amazing report from numerous points of view since you don’t communicate any regret.

There is, in my view, no option in contrast to a custodial sentence.

I would basically concur with that. This lady may be intellectually shaky, however that doesn’t detract from the way that she engaged in sexual relations with two underage young men. Two years in prison doesn’t sound excessively long – suppose it were the opposite way around and a man had engaged in sexual relations with two 14-year-old young ladies?

14-year-old boys – Sick Chirpse
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